We understand that your privacy is absolutely crucial. This CRMWebX privacy policy covers on the assortment, use and disclosure of your data and information when you access the website of CRMWebX or any time you do interact with CRMWebX in regard to the data protection act, general data protection regulation and even that of any succeeding legislation (‘data protection laws.

This privacy policy tells how any personal data that we could get from you, or about you, via this website shall be processed and protected by CRMWebX. This policy has been established to guard your rights under the data protection laws. It is crucial that you understand what we will do with your data and are contented with this.

By using our website, you are agreeing to permit CRMWebX to collect, store, and even use your data and information as described below. In case you do not agree to these provisions, you must immediately dismiss your visit to this website and not involve in further activity on the website.

Our website could include links to third-party websites, applications and even services. Any third-party gathering and use of your information is administered by the privacy policies of these regarded third parties. We boost you to learn about the privacy practices of such parties.

The information we gather

CRMWebX collects information from the website in two manners:

Submissively using cookies and similar technology. As an example, activity in case you finish a web form to send us a contact request, join our mail newsletter list or even you do download one of our possessions when you visit our website, we automatically store some information from your computer. It can encompass:

– Data about your computer: this encompasses your operating system, your IP address and even browser type. It gets used for system administration, to screen the traffic , to hunt user domains and finally to report on statistics.

– Particulars of your visits to this website and resources you access. This encompasses though is not restricted to, location data, traffic data and pages visited.

– We even gather personal data when you voluntarily deposit it to us. For example:

o Data that you cater upon submitting forms on our website. It encompasses registering to subscribe to the email list, registering for any program , requesting a guide or any other document. Pages that gather this sort of information could cater further explanation as to why your data is required and how it gets used. It is fully up to you if you want to cater this information.

o Replies to surveys distributed by CRMWebX in which you chosen to participate.

o Data that you deposit when you need CRMWebX to reply to a new, or current , support request.

o Data that you deposit to us when you wish to engage in business with us. As an example, if you finish one of the contact forms to request a call back.

o In case you contact us, we could keep a record of that correspondence.

In case you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact us through our email id: sales@crmwebx.com. Remember this privacy policy is subject to change and can get modified from time to time.