One of the premium and top construction software solutions out there is Microsoft  Dynamics GP, having the add-on capabilities of Key2Act.  Right from the back office to out in field, the system tackles with every aspect of a construction business that spans from accounting to that of payroll to even job costing and mobile work orders. This is a system that is amazing for small to medium-sized companies that require the functionality to bid accurately and keep a check on the bottom line.

Thousands of small and mid-sized organizations across the world run their businesses on Microsoft  Dynamics GP. This Dynamics GP is a business solution that is swift to deploy, convenient to use, and with a wide pool of third-party add-ons, is a breeze to extend. From financials and human resource management to that of manufacturing and operations, Microsoft  Dynamics GP gets people and systems together to bolster your business desires and ambitions.

With our Microsoft  Dynamics GP  solutions, you can  reduce the cost and complexity of growing your business. As an industry expert, CRMWebX has  implement and use Dynamics GP to enhance the supply chain, manufacturing and operations of different businesses. Try out our Microsoft  Dynamics GP & Key2Act solution and you shall have no disappointments.

More than simply accounting software, Dynamics GP is an amazing ERP solution that aids small and medium-sized businesses get huger control over your financials, inventory, and even operations. Get up and running swifter with this solution that is configurable, flexible, and designed to grow with you. It is indeed, an easy to deploy, easy to employ, a swift solution that is convenient to scale as you enhance. It is a best fit for any sized organization.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

An investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP is an investment in the improvement of the way your business functions. Returns on your investment will manifest for years to come as you will begin and continue to function in a more informed and structured manner and Microsoft will provide you with constant updates to make your workflows even better. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP & key2Act contributes to your business in the following areas


With built in features such as a task and reminder system which is managed in real time based on information and requests generated during business, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps to ensure that no stone is left unturned, no detail goes unnoticed an nothing slips through the cracks. Allow your team to maximize productivity as they focus less on keeping track, and more on what matters – the job at hand


There is a more simplistic model as all functional areas of the business will now be connected and managed at a single point from a single program. You can also take advantage of program integration as out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics GP can integrate with familiar applications to your workforce. View reports and work directly from Microsoft Excel while Microsoft Dynamics GP keeps track of and makes any necessary changes based on your data, Request process approvals and send follow ups and information to clients from the comfort of Microsoft Outlook.


There is a huge community behind Microsoft Dynamics GP. Access Microsoft’s continuously improving knowledge base to aid in your discovery as you leverage the various functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Ask for and provide information in a Q & A format, or take on the various e-learning modules available, as you learn in a taught fashion

Field-Level Security

Take control of role-based access and the largest and most granular level. Microsoft Dynamics GP allows the ability to disable or lock access at the field level. Make use of password protection to regulate access to fields, forms, or entire windows to ensure that each team member has access to precisely what is needed to complete their daily functions.


Dive right in to Microsoft Dynamics GP and feel at home as the look and feel was specifically designed to mirror other Microsoft programs. From the menu bar to the various panels, as soon as the program launches, you can tell exactly where to find what you need. If the layout doesn’t suit you, modify it as you please without affecting anyone as there is per-user customization available.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you will always know how your business is performing simply because there is consideration for how people and the processes they are involved in work; in addition to how these processes work together. The result of that is the generation of useful, real-time performance metrics for all the relevant drivers of your business. What is important to you? The number of a product made each day? Monitoring cost of goods sold vs revenue? Make Microsoft Dynamics GP your one stop shop for all the information you want to see from the comfort of the home screen. Key Performance Indicators are ready for your review, allowing you to focus on what they mean, and what needs to be done with/about them.

Choose your implementation based on your business needs as Microsoft Dynamics GP offers customized implementation and licensing methods. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that these can be adjusted as your business evolves and it becomes necessary