Dynamics 365 for Sales is here to help you solidify your customer relationships by arming your sales team with the insights they need to proceed with each sale in the right manner. Make use of the many features of Dynamics 365 for Sales to nurture prospects from the lead stage to closing, keep track of various accounts and the contacts within each, stay informed on service requests and cases for each opportunity or account, and much more.

Here's what Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales has to offer you

Single Information Location

Save time looking for information on customers and opportunities as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales conveniently places all related information for each in one central location. View their details, appointments, any communication, created appointments, etc., which helps to develop a road-map on what to do next.

Know where to focus

Manage leads and opportunities in a separate space with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales as you choose when to qualify leads as opportunities. With this separation of views, your sales team can tell at glance where to concentrate the greatest effort which results in a higher likelihood to close sales.

Features for Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps to foster effective management of your sales team as it allows managers to make use of KPIs and real-time information to direct the team. Managers are also able to foster empowerment and motivation with coaching and fun competition tools embedded within the module.

Sales Process Guidance

With information on opportunities, and a powerful predictive algorithm, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can not only indicate the hottest opportunities, but with the sales bar included, also gives insightful instructions on the way to proceed on an individual basis to close sales.

High Availability

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales is optimized for various devices which allows your sales team to function in the office or on the go thanks to the Unified Interface Framework. In addition to a versatile display, the mobile apps can function with or without network connectivity.

Integration with familiar applications

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is integrated with Microsoft Office applications that are already in use by the team. Various persons working on an opportunity can view and edit single files related to an opportunity as Microsoft SharePoint can be used to house necessary documentation. Access and edit data from the comfort of Microsoft Excel and have the changes sent directly to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Use Marketing Data for Sales

Make use of informative insights gained from the efforts of and information from the marketing team as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales integrates directly with and pulls data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Make use of the benefits and results of targeted customer journeys as all that insight on a lead is available to the sales team.