Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service takes into account the fact that consumer behavior varies from customer to customer. With all the information on each customer located in a single convenient point, your team can provide customer service with an individual spin for each customer.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are fundamental pillars in your business

Engage customers through various media

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service allows you to provide customer support in a way that is simple and convenient to your customers. Self-serve portals, social channels, AI customer service agents, predictive action, etc. can be used to ensure that clients interact with the appropriate agent for their specific needs.

Provide Individualized services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service empowers you customer service team with the tools and information necessary to allow each customer to have a service experience tailored to them. AI assistance, insight into up-sell and cross-sell potential per customer, and an easily accessible view of each customer’s journey all go a long way in making each customer feel like they are cared for on a personal basis.


Improvement via Learning

Learn from daily processes and better understand your customers to create better experiences in the future on a consistent basis. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer service provides valuable feedback from both direct and indirect methods from your customers. This data which includes trends and pain points will put your business into a better position to improve service and avoid repeating mistakes.

Be a trend setter with a modern platform

Make use of visual editors to build and modify your mobile applications with no code which hastens the process from development to deployment. Explore automation opportunities as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service allows integration across the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite and third-party applications.