Resources and support for your global customers impacted by COVID-19

Microsoft Dynamics 365 providers understand the unexpected demands on their customers during the testing times of COVID-19 outbreak. These companies hope that the free resources, extended access options and discounts, that they provide, support their customers.

Discounts on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Subscriptions

The times are already demanding during this Covid19 period and many companies are struggling to survive. Amidst these times, Microsoft Dynamics Services are providing the prestigious dynamic 365 packages at a rate that is much lower than the original rates. Since the customers are already having a tough time to manage their work and finances; such a relief is a big plus for them. They can avail the subscriptions and software at a rate that would not burden their pocket in a big way. The discounts provided by companies are for a limited period and hence, the small sized businesses can make the most of them.

Organize and Automate Urgent Responses

Microsoft Power Platform has been designed to allow everyone, irrespective of their technical calibre , to collaborate and resolve issues fast. The idea that quick, valuable innovation can emerge from virtually anywhere drives the development of the Power Platform, and the understanding of that idea has never been more influential than in this time of covid19 crisis.

The Power Platform team is already supporting urgent placements for first responder organizations, schools and universities, government agencies, and other essential service providers to allow the customers to coordinate information and resources in moments of crisis, and even a Microsoft Power Virtual Agents bot to handle the crisis response.

Help Contact Centers Support Unparalleled Demand

The universal pandemic is stressing service centers everywhere, with a huge dealing in call capacities, further complexed by many agents working distantly. With around the clock channel capabilities for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, contact center staffs can provide consistent, personalized, and customised support while working remotely. Customers are taking full benefits of the capability to gain insights into case volume topics, guarantee agents are properly dispersed across channels, and swiftly deploy chatbots that are accomplished to respond to the top most volume of inquiring questions while catering the consistent levels of personalized support. Once there is consistent assistance of professional customer care experts, the businesses would not face any downtime.

Ensure first-line workers are Associated with Experts

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist permits technicians to team up with colleagues and professionals from diverse locations, lessening travel and resolving some of the instant obstacles facing you all. A technician or medical clinician upkeeping critical equipment in the field, for example, might use distant Assist on Android, hololens, or ios devices while sharing an in context, immediate view of the work site with a skilful working from a different site.


So, Microsoft Dynamics 365 providers are all here to support you during the global health crisis. You can contact the Microsoft sales representative or contact the sales team through chat, phone, or even that of email for particular guidance to help you solve business-critical tasks. Customers are not alone in this challenging pandemic time.

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