Microsoft Dynamics 365 Helps Gauge Equipment Manufacturer Gain Ground in Customer Satisfaction

Dynamics 365 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) apps help you gather, understand, and proactively reply to the behaviors of your customers. It would also help you in strengthening promotion personalization and efficiency, enhance the conversions, empower your sales and even service workforce, and decrease churn with these smart, unified products.

CRM is Crucial

In the present time, consumers are better informed, more connected, and have better options than any previous generation. The conventional type of, siloed approach to customer engagement no longer fulfill the growing demand for seamless service irrespective of channel, time, or even that of location.

It is now a need to have a cohesive customer engagement strategy that effectively knocks down the barriers between departments, teams, and technology platforms. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM applications, you can have complete access to a centralized database and your teams are going to be empowered to deliver a proactive and personal experience. They would do it all while forming upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Once your CRM is powerful, you can ensure the consumers are satisfied with your work and you could Gaige everyone efficiently.

Engagement with Customers Gets you an Edge

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement allows you to deliver better customer service for enhanced loyalty and increased revenue. Better insight and good customer understanding head to more relevant and profitable interactions. You can even enhance the value of your marketing via social insights, business intelligence, and even campaign management.

Moreover, the robust links between Dynamics 365 and Outlook denote you can easily track contacts, emails, and all the activities, enhancing productivity. As a member of the Dynamics 365 family, you would also get Customer Engagement with Dynamics 365 Business Central. It caters you proper integration between your accounting and CRM system, for a good level of visibility and control.

Establish seamless customer experiences:

A seamless and amazing customer journey demands making customers happy at every touchpoint. Dynamics 365 helps you to

· Classify various touchpoints in the customer journey

· Cater to customers what they need at every single touchpoint

If you want to offer personalized, seamless shopping experiences, then you must have a better understanding of your customers’ needs. As per Gartner, by the end of 2020, more than forty percent of all data analytics projects are going to relate to an aspect of customer experience. Also, by now only, forty-three percent of product managers at development companies make use of analytics to gather and analyze customer perception and sentiment information. As compared to this, there are twenty-two percent of product managers at non-development companies

Once you use Dynamics 365 Commerce, it features like order history, loyalty programs, wish lists, and AI-powered recommendations. It all helps the manufacturers and retailers like you to track customer behavior across channels to paint a complete view of the preferences of the users.

This augmented understanding enables merchants to form up the experiences that maximize customer satisfaction and conversion.

Order history

Once you have customers, they can log into their account on your Dynamics 365 Commerce platform and click on order history to witness all their online, in-store, and even call center exchanges, purchases, and refunds in one place.

In this way, you can be sure that your consumers can view each order’s tracking number, shipping address, and even overall payment information by clicking on the area of View order details button. In this way, being a manufacturer, you can ensure that your consumers are happy with your dealings and how you provide them proper transparency.

Moreover, the sales associates you have can also use customers’ order history to refine the quality of the service they provide. Once your salespeople know what a particular customer has purchased in the past, it can help them understand that specific eutomer’s preferences and it would lead to more effective upselling and cross-selling.

As an example, in case a customer is shopping for a gadget, your salesperson can use the customer’s purchase history to receive an idea for that person’s sense of style. Were his previous purchases loud and nervous, or minimalist and simple?

It is something that could enhance the sales associate’s chances of adding a better accessory as per the gadget to the sale. It’s also a wonderful way to gauge a customer’s attraction for premium, mid-tier, or even that of price-conscious products in the absence of the need to ask possibly sensitive questions about their budget.

Use the Wishlist

It would help you in delivering a complete customer experience and it would also aid you to improve conversion rates. Once your consumers find all their favorite products in a single place, they are more probable to make swift purchase decisions.


Picking Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a wonderful way to capture a full, omnichannel image of your customers and offer them seamlessly, effective tools for keeping all the customers engaged, enhancing customer loyalty, and boosting your topliner revenue. And not to forget, you earn customer satisfaction to the most!

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