Important Things You should know About Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A smooth new edition to the dynamic’s suite, dynamics 365 promises you to deliver a new manner of managing business processes, and unlock possibilities for businesses of all sizes. If you want to upgrade your working and accelerate your growth then Microsoft dynamics crm can help you significantly.

What really is dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is a fresh , cloud-based enterprise software platform, encompassing erp, crm and HCM products alongside power by reporting functions in a single streamlined, unified package. With its erp and crm competences broken down into various apps, dynamics 365 is specifically designed so that you can start with what you need, and grow at your own pace, adding new applications and functionalities as and when you need them. Furthermore, dynamics 365 integrates closely with current Microsoft products such as office 365 and outlook, and it will be able to link to third-party programs.

Seeing activities on a calendar or Kanban board

Currently, you can easily view your activities (e.g., emails, appointments, phone calls and even tasks) in a list format. With the new release, you can view them plotted on a single calendar or in a Kanban format.

Moreover, this calendar view is quite self-descriptive. After all, your activities are sorted by day and the time of day. You can easily filter the calendar view by day, week and even month. You can even filter by due date and activity type.

Similarly, the Kanban view shows your doings in their different states, like open, completed, cancelled, and even scheduled. It is useful in that the number at the top allows you see how many open activities you have, how many are approaching , and how many you have finished.

New mobile experience

Often, your sales team is on the move and lack the time to update crm tools. With your fast-paced work environment, entering sales data can get brushed over. Yet up-to-date sales data and consistent entries are the main ingredients to driving your business performance. Now, your field sales teams no longer need to wait. With a new mobile app, d365 sales is swift and simple to use. The app permits you to:

· Access a home screen that shows your most important information and related records using automatic search suggestions and responsive lists . It allows you make pertinent updates

· You can add notes with a touch of a button as you walk out of a meeting

· You can swiftly update records in seconds while on the go

· You can search information on customers

Making forms in modal dialogue windows

Before the latest release of Microsoft dynamic crm, when you clicked on a record, you were only able to open it in a new tab or go into the record. Presently you have the option to open a form in a modal dialogue window, and hence it allows you to have two crm screens on top of each other. You can stay anchored on the original record, while editing information in a related record, that massively improves your experience and reduces the number of clicks.

To sum up, whether overall working in your organization, the customer experience, ease of use or seamless integration of different applications and platforms; Microsoft dynamic crm is a plus for any business.

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