How to Drive Intelligent Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing CRM?

Being a business is not an easy task today. You need to work harder and smarter to grab the attention of customers and clients. It is all about a customized and convenient customer experience. Once you keep your buyers happy, they would keep you happy.

You can turn prospects into involved customers with the help of CRM from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. Right from curating a proper message, at the right time and to an accurate audience is possible with proper insights. In the realm of intelligent marketing, insights can be attained for your business. Good news is that tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 are there to help you ace at it in an easy manner.

How Does Dynamics 365 for Marketing Aid Companies?

– It personalises buyer experiences to enhance the customer demand

– Bring into line sales and marketing

– Make well-versed decisions

Personalised Experience for Buyers

You can create smart automated campaigns for customers easily. Customer Journeys permits Marketers to imagine and automate the steps of interaction from the time of discovery to turning out to be a qualified lead. Marketers can target particular segments, and achieve multiple-step, multi-channel marketing campaigns that could encompass web landing pages, email marketing, events, LinkedIn integration, and more. Customer Journeys can also help you in managing responses, create follow up endeavours, and launch Dynamics 365 workflows for manifold operations such as content approvals.

You Can Curate Automate Personalized Content that Enhances Engagement

Marketers can form up campaign assets swiftly with configurable templates, recyclable content blocks and design instruments to portray content. Assets encompass professional email marketing campaigns, and marketing pages having images, text, links, and other data. Pages can even feature forms that capture the data of visitors into their Dynamics 365 database.

Guarantee Marketing and Sales are United

You can get an all-inclusive View of Your Buyers. Yes, marketing and Sales can blend customer data from multiple sources in one single view with the use of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Then, marketing can define segments that might be exported into Dynamics 365 Marketing for targeted campaigns, along with creating thorough customer profiles.

Arranging with Lead Scoring and Qualifying

Forming lead scoring attributes makes Marketing endeavours much deliberate and might lead to enhance engagement with prospects. This even helps sellers track and arrange sales-ready leads and manage their opportunities in a better manner

Coordination , Sharing and Collaboration Becomes Smarter

Sales and Marketing can employ familiar Office 365 instruments to join forces on campaigns and leads. Prebuilt workflows mechanically hand off sales-ready leads and start follow-up sales tasks.

Use Information to Make Informed Decisions

You can attain a High-Level image of Your information once you have dynamic 365 working for you. Here, custom dashboards and paper-built display a visual examination of the performance of marketing initiatives like that of lead generation, email marketing, customer journeys, and more. Insights utilise information from across the application and might include data sourced from varied Dynamics 365 applications.


So, these are some of the many ways that you can use to drive smart Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

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