Ease and automate compliance with asset leasing in Dynamics 365 Finance

Once you have lease Accounting Optimizer, it would help your company in taking care of your lease accounting processes. Also, it endorses compliance with lease accounting standards under FASB ASC 842 and that of IFRS 16.

The concept of asset leasing can be beneficial for your company in the following things:

– It automates the complicated lease calculation of current value and its subsequent procedures such as lease liability amortization, future lease payment, right-of-use asset depreciation, and even that of expense schedules.

– Integrates the management of lease information, like significant dates, encompassing the commencement and expiration dates, also the lease’s transaction currency, payment amounts, and payment regularity.

– It assists in generating accounting entries for the beginning recognition, and succeeding measurement of the lease liability and even right-of-use asset.

– Caters posting to diverse layers to accommodate diverse reporting purposes, like tax reports that you can find in in Dynamics 365 Finance.

– Blends with the accounting standards to denote leases on a balance sheet employing the Balance sheet impact calculator.

– Diminishes time for complicated calculation of lease alteration and automatic adjustment transactions.

– Encompasses features that help in making asset leasing reports, specifically the preparation of disclosures and notes.

– Offers audit controls over the integrity of the lease data to make sure that the posted transactions match the calculated sums of the present value, future payments, and also liability repayment.

– Caters tools to import from or export to Excel for all sorts of lease info and data using data management.

– Assimilates with company chart of accounts, currencies, vendors, fixed assets, journals, data management, and number sequences.

Automation Helps

Once you automate finances procedures, you ensure that there are no mistakes in the tasks. Human errors are always the main reason of shallow quality of tasks and delayed submission of work. Once there would be automation in financing asset leasing and everything with Microsoft dynamic 365 finance , there won’t be any human errors. You can expect flawless calculations and efficiency in all the procedures. Dynamic 365 makes everything easy and if you don’t have any skills regarding this software then you must acquire now. It is easy to ace once you try your hands on it.

Remember, a chief tenant of Dynamics 365 Finance is to permit you to diminish risk, and to automate and update your global financial operations. To assist you accomplish this, asset leasing is there. It indeed, aids you adapt and be acquiescent to the FASB and IFRS 16 accounting regulations linked with lease management and its financial influence. There is no doubt that asset leasing is going to lessen manual errors and save the time of your uses via automatic lease status updates, right of use assets, wholistic supervision and analytics, and proper calculations of net present value, lease interest, and all the future cash payments. Hence, you get a right assistance to stand out of your competition.


So, ease up and automate compliance with the assistance of asset leasing in Dynamics 365 Finance. It is the right time to upgrade your tasks.

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