A winning combination of Dynamics 365 integration with Office 365

There has been manifold productivity platforms designed by Microsoft to bring out the utmost productivity in each organization. As an example, Dynamics 365 turns out to be a much more robust resource once you connect it with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, share point, one note, Power BI, and even Teams.

There are different ways in which you can easily and efficiently blend Office 365 with Dynamics 365 for the utmost productivity in the organization. Have a look below:

The Blend of Excel and Dynamics 365

Excel is a wonderful help when your company need to update a massive amount of data. Rather than laboriously editing the records one at a time, you can conveniently update the records in Excel online, inside the realm of Dynamics 365. Similarly , Excel makes perplexing data analysis easy for your organization. You just need to use Reporting feature in Microsoft Excel online to analyse your data ;once the data in Excel stay linked to Dynamics 365 platform, all the reports you have, get updated automatically.

Association of Word and Dynamics 365

Custom templates that are there in Dynamics 365 cater a few of the finest features Microsoft Word offers. As an example, if you like to cater a professional document for a customer, Word templates permit you to design the layout of the document as if you were working inside the Office application. Such a powerful feature actually eradicates the time you might have spent at producing a fresh document every time you work with same records. And not to forget that you can conveniently merge customer data inside the Word template to form the summaries.

Outlook and Dynamics 365

It is time that you can track all your mails with convenience. Yes, you can do that once combining Outlook with the Dynamics platform. You can witness the information related to sales activities such as customer meetings with a single tap from the Calendar function of the application. Additionally, you can also create new Dynamics records and activity lists in response to emails; Outlook automatically schedules these activities as tasks and adds them to a customer’s record.

Blending of Teams and Dynamics 365

It is time that you manage the conversations, files, and tools of your company in a single collaborative workspace by making use of Microsoft Teams. Once you do integration of Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Teams, it would allow users to conveniently work with Common Data Service customer information and even share files directly from Office application. Below are a few of the apparent perks of blending Teams and Dynamics 365:

– Collaboration centre: Access a shared workspace for your Office applications to work sales opportunities.

– You can do file integration: yes, co-author documents making use of Office 365 and automatically sync to general Data Service.

– Cross-functional association: you can easily work together with customers and colleagues beyond functions, even the ones who are not the users of dynamic 365 users.

– Mobile phone app: one can easily use the teams-mobile app using the Dynamics 365 bot when in a hurry.

So, it would not be wrong to state that the combination of Dynamics 365 integration with Office 365 is a win-win for any organization!

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