What are The Biggest Trends in Microsoft CRM Market of 2020?

If you are an organization then you need to be abreast with the latest trends. Yes, you can ace it only if you know about what is happening around. Talking about Microsoft CRM market, there are trends in 2020 that the sales and Marketing Managers require to be aware of.

Completely Cloud Based

Indeed, the 2020 is all about cloud. Most of the well-known crm are cloud-based or stepping towards the cloud. Of course, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has witnessed a huge grip in its cloud business no matter you speak of Azure, Office365 or even that of Microsoft Dynamics. In fact, with the launch of its popular product Dynamics 365, Microsoft has put a move to bring its other well-known on-premises products such as Dynamics NAV to the cloud. Now, one of the wonderful benefits of Dynamics 365 is that the user might lay down whether or not they would prefer to use the cloud feature of Dynamics 365.

Well, with plentiful perks such as ease of use, convenience of access, ease in managing everything and reasonable pricing; more and more businesses are passionately going towards a cloud-based Customer relationship management program. It is apparent that 2020 has witnessed a massive boost in the safety of cloud software and it has just driven the admiration of this trend.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) actually discovered its way into huge crm for Salesforce. AI continues to add more worth to CRM systems assisting with individual productivity and even that of making knowledgeable decisions. Businesses are strong about the type of business such data will bring to the table. Machine learning is in a position to optimize human-machine interactions. Artificial intelligence is further going to assist sales teams by analysing patterns to qualify the leads. In 2020 CRM chiefs like Microsoft and so on have invested massively on artificial intelligence to keep ahead of each other with every single company reliably releasing fresh sets of features more intelligent than that of the next.

Social CRM

With nearly each internet user linked to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on; the social customer relation management market witnessed a great increase in the recent times. Indeed, businesses have started to realise the usage of Social media to construct their brand value and better link up with customers. Customer decisions are turning out to be progressively dependent on Social interactions. A tremendous trend is of Bots. Yes, businesses have started using Bots for serving their customers on famous social media channels. Apparently, 2020 is seeing more concentration toward social CRM with increasing number of companies accepting it as they realize the significance of interacting with individual customers, even if businesses have massive customer bases.

Customer insights with Internet of Things (IOT) integration

You know what, the consumer may not tell everything in his chats or calls with your customer care. He could present himself otherwise on social networks but his IOT information from wearable devices, smart cars, smart homes and so on shall always present a real picture. IOT and CRM is going to drive your customer service to the future.

So, make sure that you are dipping your toes in these trends and making the most of them.

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