What to Look For When Hiring a Webmaster

Unless you are a technology master yourself, you will likely need a webmaster in order to keep everything going with your company’s website as well as other online aspects. You will have to have more than just a website these days to stay relevant and competitive, and more is expected of today’s webmasters than there was when the Internet was still in its infancy as far as being available to the general public. A good webmaster must know a lot more than just HTML code, so here are some other things to look for when seeking to hire a webmaster.

Expansive Skillset

Your broker might tell you that your portfolio needs to be diversified if you deal in stock trading. The same is true when you are looking at potential webmasters for your company. Knowing HTML is great, but if you want a top-end webmaster, look for other skills such as site security, application programming, and other skills that might be relevant to your business. If you are not sure what skills a webmaster should have for your particular business, ask your friends in this field, although finding that the candidate possesses numerous skills is always a good sign.

Knows What to Do, When to Do it, and if Its Needed

Any webmaster worth his/her salt will keep current on the latest things, but a great one will know what it takes to implement features that your site needs or may use, and also be able to discern the new, fancy stuff that just came out that everyone is using, finding out if it is really necessary for your business.

Project Management Experience

It would be great if you could just hire one person who knew everything about everything about the web, design, and everything it takes to get your site up and keep it running. However, web masters take more of a management role when it comes to sites that have great complexity, so look for a webmaster that has some project management experience.

Social Media

Having a great website is a big plus, but establishing online presence and staying relevant takes more than a fancily-designed site. Your business needs a presence in other areas such as blogs and social media or social networking sites. The right webmaster for you will have more than basic skills in these areas.

Being a Vendor, Not a Salesman

Your webmaster should be able to put a plan into action, not try to sell you on it.

Skilled in Non-Web Template Development

These skills apply to things like e-mail marketing and using third-party platforms.

IT Skills

This applies if you do not have an IT department that does things like server configuration and management as well as site hosting.

Ability to Respond Quickly

You need a webmaster that will acknowledge and respond to your requests either on his or her own or have some sort of help desk assistance to process your requests and have an organized method of timely responses.

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