Using a CRM to Centralize Your Customer Service

Using a CRM to Centralize Your Customer Service

For your business or any other business for that matter, the key to continuing to do business is your customer service. After all, without customers, you would not be in business, so improving your customer service in every aspect possible is your top priority. One way you can achieve customer service improvements across the board is to implement a customer relationship management system (CRM).

For the most part, a CRM is just used as a customer support tool and a boost for the marketing department. However, this is small thinking as a CRM can be integrated with your other systems so every department that has contact with customers can benefit from it, and of course your customers will benefit from it too.

Using a CRM will take care of a lot of issues. One advantage is that customer data will now be stored in one system rather than several. This can eliminate issues with redundancies or discrepancies. All departments that see customer data will be seeing the info in one system, so there is no doubt about accuracy.

Not only will integrating a CRM system into your company’s other systems improve customer service, but there is great potential for improvements within your own organization, mainly in communication. Greater communication among your staff in various departments will reduce errors, get quicker response times, and again provide another boost to your overall customer service and relationships.

One system it could be very advantageous to integrate your CRM with is your enterprise resource planning system (ERP). There are many benefits to this, error elimination in the entire ordering process included. Add to that your sales reps will thank you since they would be able to follow the entire process from the time the order is placed until the time the order is paid. Your sales reps want to follow their sales every step of the way to ensure the customer is satisfied. After all, their commission as well as their reputation is at stake.

Before you begin implementing a new CRM system, there are some things you need to keep in mind. First, you need to clearly define your processes and goals so the staff in all of your departments are on the same page. Another thing you need to do is ensure that you get your senior management on board first. If all of your staff see the upper level management supporting and using the new system, it is far more likely that the rest of the staff will get excited about using the new system than they would if the upper level management were not behind it.

Finally, you have to set up everything that will be needed in order to get your staff properly trained on using the new system. If the system is user-friendly and your staff has plenty of time and access to the resources they need to learn the system, they will be far more likely to use it.

Aside from that, study how a CRM will work for you if it is integrated, and if it is necessary. If all signs point to yes, then get started.

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