Two Vital Customer Relationship Management Tips for a Small Business

Two Vital Customer Relationship Management Tips for a Small Business

Using customer relationship management techniques is crucial for the continued survival of any business, but it is far more important for a small business due to the size in comparison to large, established companies who have been around for years if not for decades or even centuries. If your small business is using a customer relationship management system that is cloud-based (Salesforce is just one example of such a CRM system), there are two vitally important things you need to know, things that could mean the difference between customers gained or customers lost.

Do Not Let Phone Leads go to Voicemail

Since your business is small, you may be using your cell phone to run it. Although this is a matter of convenience for many small business owners, it could be intensely negative when it comes to gaining customers from phone leads. There are studies that show that phone leads are ten times more promising when it comes to gaining a new customer than getting leads via the web. There is another study that shows an overwhelming 80% of potential customers will take their business elsewhere if they get your voicemail rather than you. This majority will not bother leaving a message, but hang up and keep going down the list until they find ones where they actually talk to a person rather than leaving messages on a voicemail.

Have Fast Response Times to Phone Leads

As a small business owner, it is generally understood that your time is extremely valuable and is one of your shortest commodities. Dealing with a new customer or new potential customer takes up a lot of time as there are many questions to answer as well as other topics of discussion. Entering a new lead into your CRM system takes even more time, and it is not always possible to do inquiry response fast. However, the faster you respond, the more likely you are to get that lead and turn it into a new customer for yourself rather than a competitor. As a small business, losing potential customers to another business is unacceptable. Studies show that converting a lead into a customer is 20 times more likely if you respond to that lead within the first 10 minutes, and that likelihood drops by half if it takes more than an hour to respond to a lead call. CRM’s like Salesforce have numerous apps built upon their platform that help deal with these issues and reduce the risk of losing potential customers to another business. There are some companies that act as virtual receptionists. These services take your incoming phone leads and intercept them before the lead gets your voicemail. Once the lead call has been intercepted, the call is either transferred to you directly or a message can be taken on your behalf if you are not available to take the call immediately. These messages are then texted to you or sent by email so you do not risk losing an opportunity for new customers.

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