Tricks to Increase Your Company’s Site Traffic

Tricks to Increase Your Company’s Site Traffic

Every company wants to increase traffic to its website. After all, the more people that visit the site, the greater the chance that customers will be gained. For many companies, it is a startling fact that about 20% of the content that is on their site accounts for about 80% of that company’s site traffic. It is difficult to figure out how to change this, but experts like Skip Besthoff, who is the InboundWriter CEO, offers some insight into this figure and how to change it.

Besthoff says that this 20% of content being the driving force behind attracting site traffic is unacceptable. This is because there is much in the way of technology that is capable of various search engine optimization techniques. He says that at least half of the content on a company’s website should be directly related to site traffic attraction.

When asked what does a company need to do on its website in order to improve its content, Besthoff says that there is a three-part plan a company should follow to achieve this goal. The first step in this process is to adjust your site’s structuring so that it is strengthened not only in visibility to search engines, but in how relevant other sites are that end up linking to yours. This provides authority. Another part of this first step is the length your company’s history as well as that of your company’s site and the frequency with which new content is posted to your site.

The second part of the three-fold plan is the development of a content strategy. It must be clear. In other words, you need to base your content by knowing who your audience is, or better yet, what audience you are trying to capture the attention of. Knowing your audience as well as the topic and ways to measure your content caps off the second part.

The last part of this three-part system is publishing original content that is of the highest quality. High-quality original content is useful to your audience, it adds to your credibility and authority, and ultimately will increase your site traffic. The more site traffic you get, the more you move up in the search engine rankings. If you do all of these things, you will soon see your company’s site on the first page of results, the most coveted place to be.

It would be great to say that there are really tricks, be they similar to magic or otherwise, but again Besthoff deflates that notion quickly. If you do find any ways to increase your site traffic dramatically even without following the three steps outlined above, you should probably avoid them as they are probably what are called black-hat techniques, which do give a great boost to your site’s rankings, but eventually you will get found out and possibly blacklisted from the search engine. Keep with the three steps outlined above, and your site traffic will increase on more than 20% of your content.

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