What is Sharepoint ?

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based application framework originally launched in 2001. Microsoft specifically developed SharePoint for midsize to large businesses. This application integrates three important components: content management, document management and intranet. SharePoint provides common technical infrastructure to combine the functionality of different Web technologies. With already familiar and friendly-user interface as well as highly flexible architecture SharePoint can improve your business and provide number of possibilities that will maximize your efficiency.

SharePoint is directly integrated with Microsoft’s Internet Information Services that provides useful tools like central management, control and security for implementation of your web-based technologies and application programming interfaces (API’s). Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) and customer relationship management packages (CRM’s) often come with SharePoint integration. Microsoft tends to offer SharePoint along with Office 365 suite for better performance and connectivity.

The SharePoint framework includes the following applications:

  • File and document management
  • Intranet portals
  • Improved collaboration
  • Extranets
  • Websites
  • Social networks
  • Business intelligence
  • Enterprise search


As for the architecture design, this platform has n-tier service-oriented architecture (SOA) that can be adjusted and modified regarding your needs and requirements. Microsoft SharePoint’s architecture is composed of four key components:

  • SharePoint farms
    • Farms is a group of logical SharePoint servers that share and use common resources and each farm is connected to a configuration database.
  • Web apps
    • Web application is an interface so the user could interact with a farm and a containers for SharePoint farms.
  • Site collections
    • Each web application has a site collection. It’s used mainly to group SharePoint sites.
  • Service applications
    • SAs provides SharePoint functionality to other apps in one collection. They can be loaded, enabled or disabled in different servers at once.

SharePoint applications

There are several SharePoint products, some of them are free while for some you’d have to purchase a license. SharePoint includes:

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is based on the Microsoft cloud and the service can be used for all kinds of businesses regardless of their size. Your workers will be able to create sites and share information and documents with team members, managers and customers.

SharePoint Server

SharePoint Server is composed of all SharePoint features and organizations can install and manage the server locally. Besides the standard features, SharePoint Server offers some additional ones like business intelligence, newsfeed, personal sites, enterprise content management and enterprise search.

SharePoint Foundation

Known as Windows SharePoint Services, this technology can be used to create different types of sites where you can connect with your teammates, bosses and share documents, webpages, calendars etc.

SharePoint Designer

Free-of-charge application used to develop powerful solutions for your business.

OneDrive Sync

Desktop application that allows you to create an offline version of your team site, library or folder on your personal computer.

If you like to get the best of the SharePoint platform, our team is always prepared to offer you a comprehensive, full-pack solution that will integrate Microsoft SharePoint with all your existing processes and applications.

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In general, companies use SharePoint to build and manage websites that provide better team collaboration and connectivity across the organization. You can use this platform as a place to create, store, publish, share, organize and access different types of information.

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CRMWebX SharePoint solution

Microsoft SharePoint helps companies to build a central repository for stored information, manage enterprise content systems, connect different applications in a single platform, effectively manage business processes and increase workflow. With our help, you’ll be able to significantly increase the teamwork and your employee’s efficiency by providing accurate and reliable insights through the SharePoint platform. CRMWebX’s solution covers all SharePoint features and applications. Let’s look at in-depth explanation to those features.

Improved collaboration

Microsoft SharePoint connects your employees and provide the resources they need. You’ll be able to organize documents create and manage tasks, share information between colleagues, coordinate calendars and create team workspaces as general repositories. There’s also an offline support if you need to access your data without internet connection.

Intranet portals

With SharePoint you can create customized sits for different purposes of your organization. The flexible architecture provides platform on which you can create internet, extranet, intranet and personal sites.

Enterprise content management systems

Manage your content from a central repository where all your files, records and documents will be safe and secured. Protect your content from unapproved access and manage restrictions and privileges for your sites. SharePoint provides single management system that can operate across multiple websites.

Enterprise search

Create search engine that will allow quick and reliable access to different information. SharePoint allows you to manage your search criteria and privileges. It displays search results structured data, relational databases and other sources. SharePoint’s People Search is an option that allows you to search people by common interests, skills, job title, age etc.

Business intelligence

SharePoint lets you generate useful reports supported by reliable and accurate data. Using Excel Spreadsheets, you can create dashboards, scorecards and different reports. SharePoint features can help your managers and team leaders to make important business decisions based on processed information and real-time insights.

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