SEO is Not Pulling Teeth Any Longer

SEO is Not Pulling Teeth Any Longer

SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) used to be vital to getting your business noticed and on the front pages of the search engine rankings. It also used to be tedious and difficult to implement, not to mention risky. It was risky because black-hat techniques (SEO strategies that increased rankings without being based on real user traffic) were used, and these would get your site banned from the search engines entirely. A lot has changed over the years and SEO is still a vital part of getting site traffic and rankings up, but there is still a perception that SEO is extremely difficult, when in fact it is a lot easier than many business owners might think.

Contrary to popular belief, one does not have to be a coding genius and a math genius in order to understand the complex algorithms of Google in order to do effective SEO. Using SEO to boost your business can be done, and it is not a big headache to achieve this goal. Just because the algorithms and structures are complex does not mean the strategies you employ have to be complex as well.

There are some simple and ethical things you can do to increase site traffic and ultimately your search engine index ratings. While Google does not provide details into their algorithms that lead to increased search rankings, they have made two things perfectly clear. The more you are seen as an authority, the better your rankings will be. Also, providing valuable, quality content to people is something that is required in order to get your rankings up.

Increasing your presence and validating your authority are simple things to do just by using a few simple strategies. When you see how easy it is, you may kick yourself for not doing it sooner. You have to organize your website’s content in such a way that your pages are in order. Doing this ensures that Google can clearly see what your site is about (the purpose) and the area of business that you are in. You want to be recognized for what you are doing and the type of business that you are in.

Certain pages such as the homepage of your company’s website as well as pages such as your About page and Contact page need to have attention-getting (but still relevant) headlines as well as content that stands out. Again, keep in mind that it should be relevant. You want your keywords in these headlines and content, but avoid keyword stuffing to get your site noticed (it will backfire). Good, natural writing and keyword placement are always beneficial. Meta and title tag optimization is another simple thing to do and should be done early.

You should also make a blog with relevant content, and post weekly. Find what interests your audience and make every effort to provide answers to questions in full detail. Using quality, authority inbound links as well as a good social media presence will also serve you well. If you are doing these things but not seeing results over time, it may feel better to you to hire an SEO service to help.

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