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What is .NET Framework?

.NET is a software-development framework created by Microsoft. It natively runs on Microsoft Windows and includes a large library of classes known as the Framework Class Library (FCL). .NET Framework provides language compatibility (meaning each language can use code that’s written in other language) across certain programming languages. This framework executes programs in software environment called Common Language Runtime (CLR). CRL is a virtual machine that provides multiple services including memory management, exception handling and security.

The Framework Class Library and Common Language Runtime are .NET’s two major components that form the .NET Framework. FCL provides the following features:

  • User interface
  • Data access
  • Cryptography
  • Database connectivity
  • Website application development
  • Different algorithms
  • Network communications

Software developers are using the .NET Framework and other class libraries to develop different types of applications. .NET Framework is mostly used by applications and games that run on Windows OS. Microsoft created a comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) for .NET Framework called Microsoft Visual Studio.

CRMWebX’s Microsoft-certified developers and engineers have the required expertise to deliver a custom-tailored .NET solution that will integrate with your business processes and satisfy your needs.

Framework’s design

.NET Framework’s design is constituted from several key components and features:


Computer systems often use newer and older applications that interact with each other, and use common resources. That’s why .NET Framework provides functionalities installed in older and newer software that execute outside the .NET environment.

Framework Class Library

The FCL is a library that’s available to all the programming languages which are using .NET Framework. It contains different classes composed of different functions that allows programmers to work with file manipulation, database interaction, graphics render, math-related operations, etc.

Common Language Runtime engine

CLR controls the execute engine of .NET applications and it handles memory management, exception handling and security control.

Language independence

.NET Framework features Common Type System that defines data types, programming constructs and how they can interact with each other regarding the Common Language Infrastructure. This allows the exchange of object instances between libraries and programs that are created by .NET programming language.

Simplified software installation

.NET Framework includes features that controls the new-software installation process and tools that make sure that there are no interferences and security restrictions with existing applications.

Security measures

The framework’s design provides a security model for all programs that could be vulnerable to computer viruses and malicious software.

Framework’s architecture

.NET architecture is a programming model for the .NET platform. The Framework offers simplified development and installation, managed execution environment and integration with various programming languages. Here are some key points that are part of the Microsoft .NET architecture:

  • Common Language Infrastructure (CLI)
  • Security
  • Class library
  • Memory management

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CRMWebX is always prepared to provide a full support when it comes to planning, design, implementation and integration of custom-build .NET applications. Our team is doing its best to offer the ultimate all-in-one Microsoft .NET development solution that will consolidate with your business processes. That’s why we’ve managed to maintain successful relationships with our clients. If you’re interested in creating custom .NET applications and integrating them into your business, CRMWebX is at your disposal! To get in touch with our team, click here.

CRMWebX .NET-based development

The .NET Framework is a powerful programming platform that enables developers to build applications just the way they want it. CRMWebX’s .NET services cover a comprehensive, custom-tailored solution for your business. From cloud integration to on premise implementation and desktop to smartphones/tablet development, our team has it covered! Here’s a detailed list of our .NET development services:

Custom Windows desktop development

Our developers have the experience in creating Windows GUI apps, Windows 8/8.1 Store Apps and Windows Console Applications. From small and mid-size to large projects, we’re prepared to turn your ideas and needs into useful applications that will consolidate with your existing business processes and other applications.

ASP.NET development

Custom-build solutions for ASP.NET web applications covering projects from small to large size. Our developers are always up to date with the latest updates and improvements, that way we can maximize our efficiency and offer top-quality service to our clients.

Microsoft Silverlight development

With our help, create interactive Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for web and mobile platforms. Silverlight brings a whole new level of interactivity and it’s a powerful tool for developing highly interactive business applications, mobile touch-based apps and video experiences.

.NET migration & customization

CRMWebX offers .NET migration services based on your needs. Use our experience and migrate your applications from different platforms and programming languages to .NET technologies. Upgrade your software with a higher version of .NET Framework or migrate from ASP to ASP.NET, Java to .NET, VB6 to VB.NET, and many other migration possibilities.

We also offer customization, integration and extension for .NET software. Use our skills and expertise and successfully integrate or modify some of Microsoft’s business ERP solutions, CRM, SharePoint, or Office 365.

.NET Smartphone App development

CRMWebX is well experienced when it comes to .NET app development for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7. Enjoy a great user-experience with custom made applications by your taste. Share your idea with us, and watch it grows into a powerful app with friendly-user interface and useful functionalities.

Why choose CRMWebX?

CRMWebX is composed of certified specialists and experts who are always ready to help your company grow by developing useful applications by your needs. Our team’s skills, expertise and experience in implementing Microsoft technologies, resulted in successful relationship with lots of clients over the years. That motivated us to continue to with the good work and improve as a team and a company.