Microsoft Dynamics NAV

What is Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning software (ERP) currently used by more than 100,000 companies all over the world to provide support and assist them with finance, customer relationship management, supply chain, manufacturing, analytics and e-commerce. Dynamics NAV is related to other 3 ERP products developed by Microsoft, and it’s ideal for small to medium size distribution and manufacturing companies that seek extended, “out of the box” functionality. This software delivers the desired flexibility and ambition that companies need in order to successfully operate in this modern and competitive business times. With the support of Dynamics NAV’s amazing features, you’ll have the power to control and manage your business flawlessly. CRMWebX has the required skills and experience to customize this ERP solution to your needs, and connect it with your existing applications and business processes.

This integrated, end to end business management software allows your growing business to access and share real-time stored information. With this fresh and accurate information, you’ll be able to constantly improve your day to day operations and always make the right choices. Let’s take a peek at the Microsoft Dynamics NAV architecture and its three major components.

  • The Database Server, is a database where all the data is being processed and stored. As of NAV 2013, Microsoft uses the “Microsoft SQL Server” only.
  • The Application Server, a service that manages all operations and calculations of Dynamics NAV.
  • The Client (GUI), the graphical user interface of the ERP software. As of NAV 2013 there are three clients: Windows client, Web client and SharePoint client.

Connect your business with our help

Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s architecture is highly flexible and uniquely designed. Right because of that, it allows different modules and upgrades to be easily integrated with your existing business applications and processes. Our team can use the experience and expertise to tailor a custom Dynamics NAV solution to work and behave the way as your business works. CRMWebX is offering Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution that covers planning, designing, implementation and training/support.

This innovative business solution delivers integrated functionality for:

  • Supply chain management
  • Financial management
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer relationship management (CRM’s)
  • Sales and marketing
  • Project and resource management
  • Human resource management

Using this comprehensive list of uniquely designed features, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the ultimate, easy-to-use ERP solution that has the potential to support your business and take it to a whole new level of operational performance.

Microsoft allows you to implement Dynamics NAV in the Microsoft cloud or in your company’s servers, the choice is yours. The important thing is, either way, it will help you to increase the efficiency of your business by connecting and optimizing the key functions in your organization. By combining Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Office 365, bring your email contacts, clients, calendar and files together with your reports and business management software. Share your vision across the entire organization and connect your employees.

Why is Dynamics NAV so efficient?

Whether you manufacture goods, distribute products or sell services, you fully depend on your employees and their productivity as a team. However, the efficiency of your workers depends on the tools and technologies you use for your business processes. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can make your, and the job of your employees much easier because this software will integrate and connect your entire business!

Get Started

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is stimulating your operating processes and it increases the productivity of your employees. This software handles all of your supply chain management, manufacturing, financial tracking, inventory management and accounting processes with ease! All the information and reports are displayed through a friendly user interface which makes this software easy to use.

If you’re interested in implementing Dynamics NAV into your business, CRMWebX is at your disposal! Our team of solution specialists and experts can help you integrate the software on your existing applications based on your unique needs and preferences. Click here, to get in touch with our team.

CRMWebX Dynamics NAV solution

CRMWebX offers a comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution that will help you to upgrade your business with “state of the art” technology that will improve the way you work. Our team will integrate Dynamics NAV to your existing systems and applications by your needs and preferences so that you could get the most of it. Our solution includes all the benefits of Dynamics NAV:

Supply chain management

Customize your workflows and improve your inventory management. Also, search for new market opportunities with ease. You’ll be more efficient with your partners and trading vendors and more responsive.

Financial Management

Dynamics NAV will help you to handle your bookkeeping and inventory effectively, control your assets, manage multiple currencies and legal entities, and process banking-related tasks. Also, it will improve your cash flow management significantly.


You’ll improve the supply planning and manufacturing efficiency. Also, you’ll respond to customer demand much quicker. With Dynamics NAV, you can manage your capacity regarding your manufacturing potential without any troubles.

Business intelligence

Let your employees to use the valuable data insights. That way, your organization will make a better tactical and operational decisions.

Marketing improvements

Design better marketing campaigns, generate accurate predictions and track sales information – all with ease using the Dynamics NAV software.

Reliable reports

Create and consolidate various reports and dashboards. With that information you can manage budgeting better and provide better flow of information and knowledge across the company.

Project management

Dynamic NAV will help you create an accurate budgets, timelines and track the resources cost and use.

Human resources

Track employee records, their efficiency, absence and efficiency. Easily generate reports with this information and know how your team is performing.

Why choose CRMWebX?

CRMWebX is composed of certified specialists and experts who are always ready to help your company integrate one of the most successful enterprise resource running systems. Our team’s skills, expertise and experience with implementing Microsoft technologies resulted in successful relationship with lots of clients over the years. That motivated us to continue to with the good work and improve as a team and company.