Microsoft Dynamics GP

What is Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an enterprise resource planning software, developed specifically for small and mid-size businesses. It’s part of the Microsoft’s Dynamics family of business-management solutions alongside Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM. This software’s architecture is designed in a way to be easily implementable with other different platforms and applications. It gives your company the ability to successfully manage finances, business intelligence and inventory. Many of the tools that now day’s businesses use, aren’t catching up with the information technology progress and that’s limiting their growth and success.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you’ll have the “state of the art” modules that will connect your business processes, increase your productivity and provide a better visibility of your goals across your organization. Dynamics GP uses the widely-used Microsoft SQL Server to store analyzed and processed data. This ERP software written and developed in programming language called Dexterity.

One of the most important things about this ERP software is that it’s highly flexible as you can synchronize it with Microsoft Office 365 to connect your employees, systems and processes. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides real-time overview of your business and valuable, first-hand information and insights that will improve your ability to make smart and reliable important business decisions.

Our team of experienced engineers have what it takes to fully integrate Dynamics GP solution into your organization. CRMWebX offers a custom-tailored Dynamics GP solution that will improve your business-decision making processes and lead your company to success.

Connect your business with our help

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers comprehensive list of many useful features and modules that will take your business to a whole new level of working. With Dynamics GP, you’ll have a better visibility and control over your business processes and employees, and you’ll be able to successfully manage your company’s growth. Integrate Dynamics GP with your existing applications and processes and empower yourself with a widely used business-management software solution.

CRMWebX offers a full-pack solution that covers all the important features of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Our team’s experience and expertise will help you to fully integrate this ERP software and synchronize it with all your other applications and platforms that you’re using.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is composed of Series which contain different modules and functionalities. The modules are compatible and they cooperate with each other. Dynamics GP has the following Series:

  • Financial Management
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Payroll
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Company
  • System

Each of this Series is composed of several modules. The modules are the core-features that are allowing Dynamics GP to operate and configure various system services. In addition to this “out-of the box” features, Microsoft offers a wide range of third-party applications which are providing better user experience and enhanced performance.

Why is Dynamics GP so efficient?

Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you to standardize your business processes and maintain visibility across your company. With many uniquely designed features and build-in modules, Dynamics GP is an effective business management solution that will integrate with any other existing platforms that you currently use in your workflow.

Get Started

CRMWebX is always prepared to provide a full support when it comes to planning, design, implementation and integration of the Dynamics GP software. Our team is always doing its best to offer the ultimate all-in-one Microsoft Dynamics GP solution that will consolidate with your business processes, and that’s why we’ve managed to maintain successful relationships with our clients. So, if you’re interested in implementing Dynamics GP into your business, CRMWebX is at your disposal! To get in touch with our team, click here.

CRMWebX Dynamics GP solution

With our help, you will get the best of Microsoft Dynamics GP software. Our solution covers all the key features and modules that will improve the way your business work. CRMWebX will help you to beat your competitors and make a progress with your company. This ERP software is not only increase your productivity, but it’s also giving you the information you need to make important business decisions. Let’s go over of the modules that are part of our Dynamics GP solution.

Financial Management

Dynamics GP automates your financial-related tasks and improves your efficiency while doing accounting calculations. Analytical Accounting is a special tool that gives you the ability to analyze, process and create financial reports about you company’s accounts. Dynamics GP also summarizes your bank accounts and provides detailed reports on all-types of transactions. These are just some of the many features the financial management module.

Field Service Marketing

This module provides 9 useful tools all-combined in one friendly user interface that offers services like contact administration, maintenance systems and service calls.


Dynamics GP ensures stable and maximized manufacturing process, with many different modules that will increase your productivity as a company. Some of them are: Materials Requirements Planning, Manufacturing Bill of Materials, Sales Forecasting, Engineering Change Management and many more.

Human Resources

This module is collecting and storing comprehensive records on your employees, their performance and personal records. Dynamics GP gives you the opportunity to connect with your employees and keep them motivated all the time.


This module offers some valuable tools that will help you to manage your business more effective. Some of them are: Management Reporter, which is a corporate solution for Dynamics ERP software that helps you to easily create and manage financial-related tasks. Microsoft Forecaster, a tool that generates valuable information tailored from General Ledger to provide better and easier way for creating/managing budgets. Crystal Reports, tool used for creating reports with the Dynamics GP software.

Our solution also covers implementing modules for supply chain management, foundation and project accounting.

Why choose CRMWebX?

CRMWebX is composed of certified specialists and experts who are always ready to help your company integrate one of the most successful enterprise resource running systems. Our team’s skills, expertise and experience with implementing Microsoft technologies resulted in successful relationship with lots of clients over the years. That motivated us to continue to with the good work and improve as a team and company.