Microsoft Dynamics CRM

What is Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software that increases sales productivity and marketing effectiveness. Dynamics CRM is fully integrated and adjustable system that enhances your sales and customer-related services. It helps you to maintain successful relationships with your customers from the first contact all the way to the purchase and post-sale activities. Dynamics CRM gives you invaluable information, grows your business intelligence and makes your marketing campaigns more efficient. CRM systems are considered to be very useful, since they’re reducing the operating costs and increasing your revenue by helping you to maximize the customers satisfaction. We can help you in customize CRM Solutions as per your needs and for last more than 2 years we have helped many clients of Dynamics CRM in Toronto.

Microsoft has been promoting Dynamics CRM as an XRM platform, and they encouraged partners to use the .NET framework to customize this CRM software. Dynamics CRM is IIS-based web application and a server-client system that supports various web service interfaces. Clients can access Microsoft Dynamics CRM with browser of with Microsoft Outlook.

Dynamics CRM currently has four editions:

  • Workgroup Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Service Provider Edition

This CRM types are composed of different modules, features and functionalities so that clients can choose which solution fits them at best. CRMWebX offers innovative and quality Dynamics CRM solution with the edition that you need. We have the required skills and experience to fully implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM into your organization and synchronize it with your processes and activities. Based on your needs, CRMWebX is offering cloud implementation or on-premises install.

Connect your business with our help

Use the skills of our engineers and developers to successfully integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM as part of your system. Dynamics CRM is highly customizable and flexible, it comes with tons of advanced extensions that will enhance your business even more! New features are released with every new software update. That’s why CRMWebX is continuously keeping track of all the changes and updates in order to offer all-round Dynamics CRM solution that will exceed our client’s expectations.

With this software, you’ll be able to optimize your business processes and marketing activities. You’ll also be able to better understand your customers and their needs. By making the right decisions, supported by invaluable insights and information your company will improve in sales, which will lead to more loyal clients.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM focuses on 4 main modules which provide features that support your business, and they are:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Social Media

Each of this modules has its own features that are collaborating with each other, and providing insights that will support your judgment when it comes to important business-management decisions.

Why is Dynamics CRM so efficient?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can increase your sales and optimize your marketing campaigns. You’ll always know your next move and how to approach different problems that occur in your company. This customer relationship management software will provide you with accurate and reliable data, different tools and forecasts that will advance your business ached of its competitors. Dynamics CRM is currently supporting 41 languages, and it’s a platform that’s constantly upgrading and improving. New features are implemented with each new edition and each update and its interface is very similar Microsoft-like with friendly user graphical screen.

Get Started

CRMWebX is always prepared to provide a full support when it comes to planning, design, implementation and integration of the Dynamics CRM software. Our team is always doing its best to offer the ultimate all-in-one Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that will consolidate with your business processes, and that’s why we’ve managed to maintain successful relationships with our clients. So, if you’re interested in implementing Dynamics CRM into your business, CRMWebX is at your disposal! To get in touch with our team, click here.

CRMWebX Dynamics CRM solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM focuses on sales, marketing and customer service as its main domain of activities. CRMWebX solution includes implementation of all modules and important features into your organization. Our team is skilled and experienced enough to deliver a custom-designed solution by the needs of your company. Let’s take a closer look to our solution and the key modules of Dynamics CRM software that it covers.

Sales Enhancement

Increase your sales and productivity while maintaining full control of your inventory, with Dynamics CRM features that are very easy to use. Also, integrate Microsoft Office 365 to connect your processes and boost the efficiency, by faster and more reliable way of working.

Here are some key features of this module:

  • Better visibility and improved decision making process
  • Improved sales management
  • Comprehensive lead system
  • Increased sales productivity
  • Simplified workflow


With the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software you’ll significantly improve your productivity and maximize your opportunities. Highly flexible and tailored to fit to your needs, Dynamics CRM will help you          to make smart decisions and run successful marketing campaigns with confidence. Supported with accurate insights, you’ll be able to avoid threats and additional costs. Here are few important features from this Dynamics CRM module:

  • Improved data management
  • Efficient market segmentation and targeting
  • Accurate real-time information for decision making
  • Better campaign management
  • Effective events handling

Customer Service

Improve your customer service with the help of Dynamics CRM. Create strategies and plans and techniques how to attract customers, and later on, develop and maintain successful relationship with them. Here are some amazing built-in tools that will improve the way you correspond with your customers:

  • Better contact management
  • Improved dealing with accounts
  • Efficient cases management
  • Improved customer service insights

Why choose CRMWebX?

CRMWebX is composed of certified specialists and experts who are always ready to help your company integrate one of the most successful enterprise resource running systems. Our team’s skills, expertise and experience with implementing Microsoft technologies resulted in successful relationship with lots of clients over the years. That motivated us to continue to with the good work and improve as a team and company.