How to Get Your Employees to Use Your CRM System

How to Get Your Employees to Use Your CRM System

Implementing a customer relationship management system (CRM) is a great thing that will help strengthen the relationships your business has with your customers. The problem with this sometimes is getting your employees to get on board and use it. Implementing a CRM system can be a costly process, so making sure it is used is important because you do not want your investment collecting dust. There are many ways to get your employees on board and increase the likelihood of them using the new CRM system. The following are some tips on how to do that.

Employee Involvement

Before making a final decision and rolling out the new CRM system, it is a good idea to include those who will be most affected by it in the decision-making process. Of course you have the final say, but if their input is taken into account, they will be more likely to use the new system.

Inform Your Teams of the Benefits

If you focus on the benefits of the CRM system and entering data into it, it will help greatly in getting everyone on board. Focusing initially on how the system will help and going into whatever drawbacks may be present afterward will get people interested in using the system rather than being against it from the start.


Users of your CRM system will have to be trained on how to use it. Providing proper training before they have to use it every day and focusing on the most critical information of usage procedures is the best approach. Training for other features later on can be a great advantage. In other words, do the training in phases rather than piling it all on at once.

Focus on Most Frequent Users

You will need to identify which groups of people will use the system the most, and establish a leader from each group as a leader and get them directly involved. If they feel that their input is a direct influence on implementation, they will champion the system and convince the rest of the users in their group that early adoption is best.

Simplify Forms

No user is more busy than those in sales, so keeping form field data entry to a minimum is optimal. If they can enter their data quickly, they will be a lot happier.

Do Not Worry About Features

If your CRM has a lot of features and it is necessary to have that, fine. However, the groups of people who will be using it do not need to be overloaded with how to use all of the features from the outset. All they need are the basics for what they are doing, and they can go from there.

Get the Execs On Board

If the regular users know that the upper level executives are using the system, they will be more likely to use it as well.

Ensure Mobile Friendliness

Your sales team is not always in the office, so make sure your CRM is compatible with mobile devices.

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