• Helpful Company Site Hacking Prevention Tips

    Helpful Company Site Hacking Prevention Tips Your company needs a website; that much is obvious. However, when you go live with your company’s website, you expose yourself to not only the customers you are trying to attract, but hackers as well. Hackers can do major damage to your site just to be malicious, or steal […]

  • Adding to the Teams of Dynamics CRM

    Adding to the Teams of Dynamics CRM Customer relationship management (CRM) is important for any business, and provides numerous benefits to a business. CRM software is often implemented by many companies to improve marketing and customer service as well as customer data organization. One such software package is Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM. The 2013 incarnation of […]

  • 7 Ways to Ensure Your CRM Implementation Takes Off

    7 Ways to Ensure Your CRM Implementation Takes Off Getting any new IT system implemented into your business can be tough to do. It takes time for those in charge of it to get familiar as well as everyone else who will be using it. Although change is good sometimes, many are resistant to it, […]

  • Customer Relationship Management Techniques

    No matter what type of business you are running, customers are the key to success. Building a loyal customer base is essential to a company’s survival, and keeping the business of the faithful while attracting new customers is something that a business must constantly work on as customer service is constantly changing in some ways. […]

  • 5 Helpful Hints for Rolling Out a New CRM System

    5 Helpful Hints for Rolling Out a New CRM System Customer relationship management (CRM) systems greatly help a business to organize their customer contacts as well as other contacts. Modern CRM’s can do much more than that, but this example is the principal use of the system. Rolling out a new system can be challenging, […]

  • Five Considerations When Building Customer Relationship Management Business Case

    Before you implement customer relationship management solutions, you must first present your business case. After all, it is this business case that will explain why you are wanting to go ahead with a particular project, process, etc. Getting a good business case together is essential to getting what you want. Customer relationship management (CRM) is […]

  • Maximizing Business Potential With the Cloud

    Using cloud computing or just “the cloud” if you prefer, can greatly help your business in several ways. Not everything you can do in the cloud is helpful or even necessary, but there are elements that are almost universally useful, regardless of what type of business that you are running. There are certainly capabilities of […]

  • What to Look For When Hiring a Webmaster

    Unless you are a technology master yourself, you will likely need a webmaster in order to keep everything going with your company’s website as well as other online aspects. You will have to have more than just a website these days to stay relevant and competitive, and more is expected of today’s webmasters than there […]