7 Ways to Ensure Your CRM Implementation Takes Off

7 Ways to Ensure Your CRM Implementation Takes Off

Getting any new IT system implemented into your business can be tough to do. It takes time for those in charge of it to get familiar as well as everyone else who will be using it. Although change is good sometimes, many are resistant to it, especially if they have been used to a certain way of doing things for a long time. There is no difference when attempting to implement a new customer relationship management (CRM) system. The following are 7 ways that you can make sure resistance is low and implementation of a new CRM system is as painless as humanly possible.

Get the Top Level On Board

The lower level employees are more likely to get on board with implementation if they know that the upper level of management is fully behind it and are enthusiastic about using it. If they adopt and adapt early, you greatly increase the chances of adoption and adaptation by everyone else below.

Select the Right Project Manager

You will need a project manager for this, but selection is key. The project manager should be qualified to lead, but there should also be the personality that will motivate others to see the project through to completion. Often the project manager is someone from management, but this is not a requirement.

Selecting a Super User

The super user is one of the people who will be regular users of the system. This is not the project manager, but one of those under the project manager. The person you select as the super user should be the one who is just so into the new system and is up for learning every single aspect of it. This eager person is right for the title of super user as he or she is the go-to for all support and other questions about use of the new system. This user is also the one who is up on new developments such as updated versions about the system that is in place.

Celebrate the Launch

Implementing a new system may be exciting for some, but not for others. This is where internal marketing comes in. Although your staff will have to use the system, it makes things easier if you can sell them on it and get them excited about it. If they are excited about it, they will be more receptive to learning it and using it.

Setting Guidelines for Usage

Just like anything else in the office, there has to be procedures for how to do things. Set the guidelines or how-to’s for everything that is to be done on the new CRM and ensure that everyone gets them.

Select a Training Strategy

Aside from the project manager and super user, everyone else has to learn how to use the system. However you go about setting up the training, introduce it and get started to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Make a Strategy for Implementation

Everyone is used to working a certain way, and most if not all of your staff will have to adjust with the new system. You have to make a strategy to deal with any and all negativity that may come up, and some surely is.

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